© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Tactical motifs: overworked piece, knight fork Notice the black king is directly behind its own pawns, a potential backmate situation; but black’s queen and rook both prevent white moving Rd8 mate. Notice that the white knight can move to h6 (check) without capture, because the black pawn would be pinned. That would force black to move Kh8. Return to main chess position in this middle game Ropen Expeditions of Paul Nation Who has gone on more expeditions, looking for living pterosaurs  in Papua New Guinea, than Paul Nation? After two expeditions on Umboi Island, he accompanied Jacob Kepas, in 2006, to a remote mountainous area of the mainland of Papua New Guinea, where the nocturnal flying creature is called “indava.” He returned in 2007. Nation saw the glow of the nocturnal creatures on several nights, videotaping two of the flying lights as they sat on a ridge above the village of Tawa. Kepas witnessed one of the giant creatures in daylight as it was sleeping on a cliff. Investigators believe this indava is similar to the ropen of Umboi Island: a giant pterosaur. Analyze This Position Analyze Carefully and Clearly. Paul Nation, of Texas, exploring Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, in 2002 O O