© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Black cannot take the knight, because of Rd8+ If the black rook now captures the white knight, white’s rook will check the black king, resulting in a quick checkmate. But if the black kings moves, instead of the capture move, the white knight will capture the black queen, giving white a piece plus two pawns in clear material advantage, easily decisive in any master competition (which this is). “Live Pterosaurs in America” Book “Since the two ropen expeditions of 2004, in Papua New Guinea, more Americans have learned of the living-pterosaur investigations and the many resulting eyewitness interviews. Many web pages have sprung up, many of them by explorers themselves. “How are sightings in the United States related to those in the south- west Pacific? How do some apparent nocturnal pterosaurs pertain to bats, and how are bats irrelevant? How could modern living pterosaurs have escaped scientific notice? These mysteries have slept in the dark, beyond the knowledge of almost all Americans, even beyond our wildest dreams (although the reality of some pterosaurs is a living nightmare to some bats). These mysteries have slept . . . until now.” [From the title page of the book “Live Pterosaurs in America”] The second edition was published late in 2010. This Knight Fork Wins This second edition of the nonfiction book “Live Pterosaurs in America” is available on amazon.com and abebooks.com Capablanca won this game against the master Fonaroff, in New York, in 1918.