© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 The black queen just captured the white queen Now that the black queen has been diverted, the white knight will take the pawn at f7, forking the king and queen. This works because of a potential back mate by the white rook at d8. See the end of this tactical chess combination, taken from a game by the grandmaster Capablanca. Glowing Ropen of Umboi Island Like the indava of the mainland of Papua New Guinea, the ropen of Umboi Island glows brightly when it flies at night. In fact, most sightings of the ropen are from a distance and at night, when only the glow is visible. Nevertheless, some sightings are in daylight and close. Seven boys, around 1994, encountered a giant ropen, as the creature flew just over the surface of Lake Pung. It struck terror into the teenagers, leaving an impression that would last for years. Jonathan Whitcomb interviewed three of the eyewitnesses in 2004, and proclaimed the credibility of those young men. Steven Cottingham, a New Guinea government official in 1972, saw a strange light at Lab Lab, on the coast of Umboi Island. He later learned what it was: a ropen. Knight Fork at f7 Abram, of Opai Village on Umboi Island (Papua New Guinea), tells the American Jonathan Whitcomb about the ropen light that he saw flying down to a reef to catch fish. It then flew up to Mount Bel.  Chess tactics make the difference. O