© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Two critical key squares are d8 and f7. The black queen is over-worked, and Jose Capablanca takes advantage of it. What is the winning move in this position? Try to find it yourself. See the next move in this chess combination by Jose Capablanca. Hennessy Sighting on Bougainville In 1971, on Bougainville Island, New Guinea, Brian Hennessy saw a flying creature that was later identified as a ropen by the American cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb, who inter- viewed Hennessy by emails in 2006. Hennessy said, “It was so unusual. I actually heard it before I saw it. A slow flap . . . flap . . flapping sound.  The air was still,  and our truck had stopped on our downward journey from the top of the [mountain] range . . . [The flying creature] was very big (wingspan at least two metres,  probably more . . . possibly much, much more).  It was black or dark brown.  I had never seen anything like it before. . . . I recall seeing this creature with a longish narrow tail . . . the head was disproportionately large compared to the body [no feathers in sight]." Mr. Hennessy is not crazy. He is a professional psychologist. 3rd Key to this chess finesse The Australian Brian Hennessy O O O This game was played in New York, in 1918: Capablanca versus Fonaroff. Chess skill comes from practice.