© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 The first key is the critical square d8. Notice that white has a rook on an open file and that the black king is behind its own pawns; this signals a potential back- mate. What prevents an immediate Rd8 mate? The black queen and black rook both prevent this checkmate. See the next stage of the analysis of this position and a potential chess combination. Hodgkinson Pterosaur Sighting Duane Hodgkinson, during World War II, was hiking into the jungle, just west of Finschhafen, New Guinea, in 1944, when he and his army buddy were shocked by the appearance of a giant flying creature. The two men were at the edge of a small clearing when some- thing “huge” started flapping its wings as it ran to get into the air. At first, Hodgkinson assumed “bird,” for it was flapping its wings. But it soon became obvious that it was not a bird, for it was much too big; its head was about three to four feet long even without taking into account the head crest at the back of the head. There was no sign of feathers, but the tail was a sign of something beyond the imagination of those two soldiers, for it was at least “ten or fifteen” feet long. The flight instructor Duane Hodgkinson has been interviewed by both Whitcomb and Guessman. Keys to a Combination How we need clarity of thought! It’s not just natives of Papua New Guinea who see giant featherless flying creatures. In 2005, Garth Guessman interviewed Duane Hodgkinson at the Montana airport where the veteran teaches flying. Hodgkinson (right) saw a giant ropen in 1944. X