© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Capablanca’s opponent had to move Kh8. Now what is white’s best move? If the knight captures the f7 pawn, the black queen recaptures; if white then captures the black bishop, the black queen will capture white’s f2 pawn, with a backmate soon following. See how this chess combination works Lake Pung Pterosaur Sighting Around 1994, on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, seven boys (probably mostly teenagers) climbed up to a crater lake on a mountain near their village. “A few minutes later,” according to the account by the now-grown man Gideon Koro, “it came down.” In 2004, the American cryptozoologist Jonathan D. Whitcomb interviewed Gideon just south of those mountains. As a forensic videographer, Whitcomb had some skill with questioning witnesses and getting to the truth. He was impressed with the credibility of the young islander, and was very impressed with Gideon’s choice of a sketch that indicated he was telling the truth about the flying creature that had terrified him and his six friends. It was no hoax. Whitcomb has since written two nonfiction books about living pterosaurs. Capabanca’s Combination We need clarity of thought. Gideon Koro tells the American interviewer that the ropen flew down to Lake Pung. (was at g8)