© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Capablanca moved the knight to h6 (KR6). Moving the knight from f5 to h6 (check)---that is the best move, but why? The black king simply moves to h8 (the white knight cannot be captured by that black pawn because the pawn is pinned). See next chess position after Kh8 This middle game position came up in an actual game in high-level competition. Not all Pterosaurs are Extinct Cryptozoology is not a branch of biology . . . at least not in the usual sense. Some cryptids are “Nessie” of Loch Ness and “Bigfoot” of North America. But a new branch of cryptozoology is emerging: the study of reports of modern live pterosaurs, eyewitness accounts of what some people call “pterodactyls.” Apparently, not all species of pterosaurs are extinct. Most reports that involve clear day- lights sightings include a description of a long tail, like a Rhamphorhynchoid tail with a vein. Chess Guess “It’s chess one of those things.” Finschhafen Harbor, Papua New Guinea, near where Duane Hodgkinson saw the giant long-tailed “pterodactyl” in 1944 (was at f5)