© Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 White to move, what would you do? Have you ever seen this position? It’s white’s move. Would you like to guess white’s best move or get more information first? Chess Guess: I have a move in mind for                         white; show me if I’m right. Chess Hint: Give me more information first. This middle game position came up in an actual game in high-level competition. Non-Extinction of Pterosaurs From the title page of the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America (second edition), we read, “Since the two ropen expeditions of 2004, in Papua New Guinea, more Americans have learned of the living-pterosaur investigations and the many . . . eyewitness interviews. Many web pages have sprung up, many of them by explorers themselves. . . . The author, one of those . . . explorers who interviewed natives in Papua New Guinea, has been interviewing American eyewitnesses since 2004. Chess Middle Game Think Carefully and Clearly. This sketch was drawn by the eyewitness, Eskin Kuhn, who saw two pterosaurs in clear daylight, in Cuba, in 1971. Capablanca Win