Bioluminescent Pterosaurs “Fire-breathing dragons of ancient  myth are actually modern  pterosaurs? . . . Consider detailed  descriptions from eyewitnesses,  for recent reports do not mention  fire-breathing but simply glowing.  Since nothing in pterosaur fossils  can easily enlighten us about  bioluminescence, let’s look at  modern eyewitness reports. . . . “Late in 2006, in a remote  mountainous area of the mainland  of Papua New Guinea, Paul Nation  (American explorer and  cryptozoologist) videotaped two  lights that were sitting on the top  of a nearby ridge. After Paul had  returned to the United States, I  interviewed him and had a digital  copy of his video sent to the  physicist Cliff Paiva, who  analyzed it and made a report. The  lights were not made by meteors,  nor by an airplane, nor by car  headlights, nor by camp fires, nor  by flashlights, nor by camera  artifacts. They were truly  mysterious lights.” Mysterious Marfa Lights “Now, a new hypothesis has  emerged: A group of [nocturnal]  bioluminescent flying predators  hunts for bats and other prey,  every few weeks, in this part of  Texas. . . .  “Why should earth lights or  atmospheric energies behave with  intelligence? They should not, Yet the Marfa Lights, the ones labeled “CE-III” by the scientist James  Bunnell, act like intelligent flying  predators that hunt bats or other  prey in this part of southwest  Texas.” [around Marfa] Cryptozoology Book How sightings of glowing pterosaurs relate to the Marfa Mystery Lights of southwest Texas “My daughter and I were on a  cruise [2010] and encountered a  very real sighting . . . We were  somewhere between Cuba and  Haiti. . . . around 2:00 A.M.  To  the best of our knowledge, no one else witnessed this. We tried  contacting Royal Carribbean but  they never responded. . . . “We sailed for two days before  our first stop in Haiti. . . . my  daughter and I returned to our  cabin. She went out on the  balcony and called me out about  15 minutes later to see something  wierd. . . . I stepped onto the  balcony . . . Off in the distance  were two, very, very large,  pink/orange flourescent birds  flying behind each other. They  looked like the flying dinosauers  . . . They would fly towards the  ship, then back out to sea . . . We  witnessed this activity for about  fifteen minutes.”  Caribbean Flying Creatures Copyright 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb Bioluminescence and Mystery Lights Marfa Lights Viewing Park Photo by paigenormand Two Pterosaurs in Cuba Sighting by U.S. Marine Eskin  Kuhn in 1971, in Cuba:  “It was a beautiful, clear summer  day . . . I saw two pterosaurs . . .  flying together  . . . perhaps 100  feet [high], very close in range  from where I was standing, so  that I had a perfectly clear view  of them.”  Eskin Kuhn’s sketch of one of the two pterosaurs he observed at the Guantanamo Bay military station  in 1971. Both creatures had long  tails and no feathers. Jungle ridge where the two indava  lights were videotaped: deep in the mainland interior of Papua New  Guinea, in 2006, by Paul Nation.  Computerized analysis by missile  defense physicist Clifford Paiva Abram, of Opai Village, Umboi  Island, Papua New Guinea, tells  the American cryptozoologist  Jonathan Whitcomb about the  ropen that he saw fly down to the reef one night, as if the creature  was catching fish.